We make hiring a Colorado Springs lawn mowing service easy!

There are enough things to worry about in your week – let us handle the mowing. We provide a complete set of lawn mowing services. Whether your looking for Residential mowing, commercial mowing, native grass mowing – we handle all of them. Review the services below and reach out to get a simple over the phone or in person estimate in as little as 15 minutes!


Many of our residential and commercial mowing clients require cutting on a weekly basis. This is, by far, our most recommended cutting schedule. It helps to keep your lawn healthy by ensuring that we aren’t cutting more than 1/3 of your grasses total overall height in any single cut. Colorado Springs Lawn Mowing ServicesThis is most often used for residential lawns or a place of business. The service includes all trimming (weed whipping), blowing the grass clippings off of concrete and mulch, and light edging of sidewalks and driveways. Most of our weekly cuttings begin at 30$ per cut.


Second to a weekly mowing schedule, many of our clients require mowing on a bi-weekly (every 14 day) schedule. These are properties are usually partially watered native grasses from several thousand square feet up to 1/2 an acre. We warn, however, during times of consistent rain these properties can become overgrown on a 14 day schedule. Cutting overgrown grass can invite disease and place unnecessary stress on your lawn. If your property is consistently overgrown at the time of cutting some additional charges could be incurred for bagging or removing excessive clippings. We may recommend you move to a weekly schedule. Most of our bi-weekly mowing begins around 40$ per cut.


We regularly mow Natural/wild grass areas up to 5 acres on Demand or a twice per season rotation. These areas generally consist of grasses native to Southern Colorado that are likely not assisted by a Sprinkler System. (More on Sprinkler Maintenance if you need some!) Some of the areas we regularly mow natural grass include: Black Forest, Kings Deere, Falcon, Palmer Lake central Colorado Springs. Most of our natural grass mowing services begin at $50 per cut.

How this Works

1. Contact us via phone at (719) 445-1886 or using the phone number on this page.
2. We’ll supply you with a convenient estimate over the phone or in person.
3. If you accept – we’ll add you to the schedule and get your lawn cut!
4. If you’re unsatisfied, we’ll come back for free as many times as needed until you are!

Looking for an estimate? Try calling (719) 445-1886

What services usually accompany a mowing service?

We provide every facet of your Colorado Springs Lawn Care services. Some of the most common being – Fertilizing, Overseeding, Sprinkler Maintenance, Aeration, dethatching and cleanups.
Most our clients bundle services to reduce their monthly costs. A typical yearly service package might include.

  • An aeration and green up fertilizer in the early spring
  • Sprinkler system startup and check
  • A lawn cleanup or dethatch – (especially if you have heavy turf or a lot of pine needles)
  • Weekly mowing from May 1 – October 1
  • Sprinkler system blowout/winterization
  • Snow Removal Services (if needed)

*Hint* quoting multiple services at the time of the first estimate could reduce the cost for all dramatically. If you think you might need one of these – be sure to ask for an estimate at the first visit to gain any savings options.


We take great pride in calling Colorado Spring our home. It’s our pleasure to serve this great region and community with affordable mowing services. Along with Colorado Springs, we serve a host of other cities and regions within the Greater Colorado Springs region. We’re happy to serve many in Monument and Manitou Springs. We have many lawn mowing clients in Briargate, as well as Rockrimmon in Northern Colorado Springs.

It’s our privilege to serve the great people of Colorado Springs!