Aeration Service in Colorado Springs

A critical part of your Colorado Lawn Care is your lawn Aeration. We typically perform this service twice annually and recommend it in the Spring and Fall.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Along with proper sprinkler maintenance and regular fertilizing – Lawn Aeration is one of the core paths to a healthy lawn in Colorado Springs.  Aeration is any process that works to circulate air through liquid or substance and in the case of Lawn Aeration it is the process of allowing air to circulate into your soil and your turf’s root system. Often accompanied by Dethatching, your lawn soil has a tendency to harden and build up organic material on it’s surface (called thatch) over time – limited the growing space for the turf’s root system and keeping vital nutrients from penetrating down into the soil.  Lawn Aeration works to cut through the thatch and pull a physical plug of soil from the turf, opening up a direct path of nutrients, air and moisture to it’s root system.

Aeration helps by: 

  • Opening up and loosening compacted soil
  • Prevents organic matter and fertilizer from washing away from your soil
  • Improves the soils rainwater collection and decreases sprinkler system runoff.
  • Greatly assists fertilizer and overseeding effectiveness.

Why is aeration in Colorado Springs so important? 

Colorado Springs semi arid climate is not naturally suited for cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass or fescue.  Southern Colorado’s compact soil, low relative humidity and and a storm based rain cycle leads to flashes of heavy moisture followed by prolonged times of little or zero moisture.  Aeration is the best way to ensure you lawn soaks up as much of the early afternoon rainstorm moisture as possible. Every one of the plug holes becomes a direct path into the soil as opposed to just running down the soils surface and into the street or storm drain.  With prolonged times of drought common in Colorado Springs, aeration is one of our first lines of defense in reducing the cities dependence on sprinkler systems.


Our core aerators use adjustable tines set to pull between 1″ and 2″ plugs every 3 to 6 inches. We find that a full 2 inch plug is the most desirable depth to avoid sprinkler system lines while still pulling a sufficient plug from the soil. they are less than 24 inches wide and can fit into almost all residential properties.

What happens to the plugs after Aerating?

As you have likely already seen around Colorado Springs. Aeration cores are perfectly fine to let dissolve back into your lawn. If requested we can rake and remove the cores for a small additional charge but our most common practice is to allow them to be reabsorbed back into your topsoil. Generally they disappear within 1-3 weeks, especially during active mowing.


How our Lawn Aeration Process Works

1. Contact us via phone at (719) 445-1886 or using the form on this page.
2. All requests are different – For small jobs, we can likely quote it over the phone.
3. For existing clients – you can simply call and we should be able to estimate your property over the phone.
4. We’ll get your aeration completed – sometimes on the same day.
5. If you’re unsatisfied, we’ll come back for free until you are.

What services usually accompany aeration?

Aeration is generally done in the Spring and Fall and is usually accompanied by seasonal care items.

Typically it is done in conjunction with one of the following services:

  • Dethatching (removing the small bits of grass that build up in your lawn over time)
  • Fertilizing (especially Spring and Fall)

*Hint* quoting multiple services at the time of the first estimate could reduce the cost for all dramatically. If you think you might need one of these – be sure to ask for an estimate at the first visit to gain any savings options.


We take great pride in calling Colorado Spring our home. It’s our pleasure to serve this great region and community with affordable mowing services. Along with Colorado Springs, we serve a host of other cities and regions within the Greater Colorado Springs region. We’re happy to serve many in Monument and Manitou Springs. We have many lawn mowing clients in Briargate, as well as Rockrimmon in Northern Colorado Springs.

It’s our privilege to serve the great people of Colorado Springs!