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The snow is flying and we’re regularly asked how much does snow removal cost in Colorado Springs and figured it may be something Colorado Springs and Monument residents may need to know. During last year’s winter, our neighborhoods combated many inches of snow and this year’s winter isn’t expected to be much better.

If your home or office has been hit with up to six inches of snow, the average cost of snow removal in Colorado Springs ranges from $33.41 to $95 when you are requesting snow be removed from a driveway, sidewalk or any other type of walkway. Snow removal by way of snow blowing ranges from $25.00 to $95.00 per visit when being removed from a driveway, sidewalk or other forms of walkways.

In order to have snow removed from your Colorado Springs home or business’s driveway, sidewalks or high traffic walkways via snow plowing, prices for this service range from $33.41 to $95 as well when under six inches. Additional charges can occur when non-typical conditions happen.

Salting treatments, which can start at $40 per session, is another type of snow removal costs. It can be used in combination with snow blowing or plowing. Have your steps, driveway, sidewalks and high traffic walkways salted to avoid slips that can leave you or others badly injured.

The broad range of snow removal costs in Colorado Springs is affected by snowfall trends. Due to the heavy snowfall of 2015, be prepared to pay in the higher spectrum of the snow removal price range. When those who need the quantity of snow removed from their residence or business property that is greater than six inches, it will be more expensive because the snow is mounting up quicker which cost the snow removal professional more resources and causes more wear and tear on their equipment.

With snow removal being an on-going process throughout the winter season in Colorado Springs, most companies require a deposit up front. Anticipate this deposit being around $50 and up. This depends on how much snow falls in the Colorado Springs and Monument, the size of your driveway, parking lot as well as how many sidewalks and walkways need to be snow plowed, snow blowed and/or treated with salt. Most companies refund you the deposit at the end of the season, but confirm this with your potential snow removal contractor.

Snow can be a whimsical winter season sight for some, but can be a dangerous wintery accessory to roadways, walkways, driveways and parking lots. Protect your family, friends or customers by being a step ahead of the potential dangers that occur during this time of the year. Discover the most economical snow removal method that fits your family or company’s budget and hirer a snow removal professional familiar with the Colorado Springs and Monument areas before they become overbooked. Prices have the potential to be negotiable, so don’t let the initial prices that you are given deter you. Let the need for snow removal motive you into taking action today.

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