Sprinkler Maintenance in Colorado Springs

Owner John Hutton, at Unlimited Home and Lawncare has been performing Sprinkler system maintenance in Colorado Springs since 2010. Unlimited’s team of Colorado springs lawn care experts don’t stop at simply ensuring your system is running – they ensure it is doing it’s just of effectively watering your lawn with as little waste as possible. Improperly programmed or pointed sprinkler systems can waste hundreds of dollars every year in wasted water and leaving you with a subpar lawn. Everything you need for your sprinkler maintenance – Spring Startups, Winterization, sprinkler head repair, and complete installs – we’d be grateful to assist you with.


A sprinkler system startup is generally the first thing your sprinkler system will require every year. They are required every year following a winterization (or sprinkler Blowout) prior to the first freeze of last year. Although some Sprinkler Maintenance can be great do-it-yourself we highly recommend the Sprinkler Blowout and Spring Startup process be completed by a maintenance professional. Experienced product knowledge is preferred to make sure the system is up and running properly. With each sprinkler Startup we perform the following:

  • Reactivate the system
  • Inspect all the shut off and drain valves for leaks and proper function
  • Evaluate/adjust each zones coverage for optimal coverage

Whenever we startup the system we may make minor adjustments to the sprinkler heads. Replace or repair any broken fittings or heads. Lastly, we’ll run a test through all the zones and adjust setting to your controller if there are any efficiency savings available.


Inevitably, your sprinkler system will need repairing. Sprinkler Systems are made up of a few primary components all of which we are capable of repairing on call or part of a seasonal package. Some of the most common sprinkler system repairs include:

  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Underground tubing- Punctures or cracks
  • Sprinkler valves and PVC manifolds
  • Copper Backflow Valve repair
  • Control Units and Wiring
  • Flag all problem areas and report them to you
  • Cut out grass around all heads to allow for optimal water coverage

We’re glad to assist in any needs – Feel free to contact us with any Colorado Springs Sprinkler Maintenance needs.


It is no secret – winter can be very hard on irrigation systems and very destructive if not winterized properly. Failure to do so can freeze and burst pipes, destroy valves, lose thousands of gallons of water and damage basements and property. Unlimited’s Winterization process will make sure your sprinkler system is ready for anything the Colorado Springs winter can throw at it.

Our process includes:

  • Safely shutting off the sprinkler water line inside of your home
  • Use pressurized air to vacate all of the water from outdoor sprinkler lines
  • Place all exterior valves in a safe state to drainshould the water be accidentally turned on (if your water is accidentally restarted after a blowout- contact us immediately
  • Inspect all heads
  • Shutdown your controller

How our Landscape Maintenance Process Works

1. Contact us via phone at (719) 445-1886 or by using the form on this page.
2. We’ll visit the property or schedule a convenient time with you and provide a written estimate.
3. Then, get the work done! Sometimes on the same day.
4. If you’re unsatisfied, we’ll come back for free as many times as needed until you are!


We take great pride in calling Colorado Spring our home. It’s our pleasure to serve this great region and community with affordable mowing services. Along with Colorado Springs, we serve a host of other cities and regions within the Greater Colorado Springs region. We’re happy to serve many in Monument and Manitou Springs. We have many lawn mowing clients in Briargate, as well as Rockrimmon in Northern Colorado Springs.

It’s our privilege to serve the great people of Colorado Springs!